Bahne – Bamboo Tiki 44″ Longboard

Introducing the Bahne Bamboo Tiki Longboard. This is a top of the line 44″ (111.76cm) classic longboard cruiser featuring a multi-ply hard wood maple & beautiful artisan Bamboo deck, rugged aluminum trucks & durable 70mm PU wheels.

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The Bahne Classic Voodoo 27” skateboard is the classic pool style cruiser that started the modern era of performance skating. The Bahne Classic Voodoo features 7Ply hardwood maple deck rugged aluminum trucks and durable 65mm performance wheels.

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Bahne – Bushido Logo 42″ Longboard

Bushido is an ancient Japanese word meaning “Way of the Warrior-Knight” and it is used as a part of Samurai law in ancient Japan. The new Bushido is the way of the old-school downhill longboarder.

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Bahne – Deluxe Surf Woody 44″ Longboard

This Bahne longboard is a world class, top of the line 44″ (111.76cm) classic longboard. It features multi-ply hardwood maple & beautiful artisan bamboo deck, rugged aluminum trucks & durable 70 mm (2.76 in) PU wheels.

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